How Did Hell Originate?

What Is the Truth?

photo of book cover for Hell Letters

There is something greatly wrong in the Christian church today. In many areas of the Western world the church is not only not growing, it actually is going backwards and dying a slow death both physically and spiritually. Many unbelievers are turned off by the idea that a loving God would choose to burn individuals in an ever-burning hell fire of torture and torment because they did not choose to acknowledge Him as the true God and invite Him into their life.

Hell Letters: Exposing the Myth reveals in easy-to- read short letters just how "hell" got its way into the Christian Church and the pagan background of history from its origination. Knowing this truth allows one to realize just how much the Father, Son and Holy Spirit really love all of us, you included. Hell Letters is truely freeing and inspiring for all who read it. God Bless. Paul

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