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Mar 22, 2013

Hebrews 2:15 says that we were all held in the fear of death by the lie of satan. Why? The LIE in religions is that since we are evil, mostly, that we will go to the place of punishment and torture for all eternity. Not exactly Good News! The Truth will deliver us from that false Satanic teaching and set us free. God is love and He loves us all , you included. Jesus Saved what was lost. Luke 19:10, and in His life, death, resurrection and ascension has take us ALL to the Father's right hand. ( Eph.2:6).

If you choose, you can search out this topic of "hell" at the following sites I am including here in this post. Sorry, but Plato's hell, Catholic hell, and the Protestant hell of eternal torment simply DOES/DO NOT EXIST. Please do NOT believe me. Check it out. is a free download book by Julie Ferwerda. is a web site dedicated to the truth about hell.

There are others but this will be a good start in your search for the truth. God bless, Paul

P.S. I have a free paper of all the words in the Bible translated hell and eternal torment and what the original Hebrew and Greek words actually were and what they meant. Just E:mail me and I will send you a copy. My E:mail is

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Posted by Leona Forste on
To my friend Paul. You know I have been struggling with the issues addressed here for about 3 years, since I first read Trinitarian Letters. I know that God let man go his own way from the Garden. I believe with all my heart that God exists, that Jesus the son of God through the Holy Spirit poured out on all mankind has opened the doors for our understanding that we can now hear and come in to Him, and I believe this Grace was done for us at the Cross of Christ and covers us all from the Creation or Foundation of the world. The thing I question is how God has let us wander through this wilderness from Adam to this day and the deception is still going on even from the cross. That deception is The Bible itself...the translations.....the things added.....the things taken away that God has warned us of in the New Testament and Old Testament. This day at church services there was an OT warning of adding and taking away....that is repeated in the last book. I can understand that a Living God has reached out to begin to rectify these deceptions. The Living Word and His Spirit in us is reaching out to all mankind. I am still asking how He allowed all the deception even in the writing of the Bible and the translations. Are there answers out there that I am missing? Is this one of those delimas that may not be answered until we go to our graves and on the Throne of God that know we are seated at? What are we missing in this revealing?
Posted by PaulK on
The greatest deception Satan has used in the world is the lie of false doctrine through the most used translations of scripture. It is no wonder that there is so much false teaching and doctrine in ALL religions. The TRUTH is truely freeing. That is what we are seeing in the authentic Gospel of Trinitarian Theology. God is allowing Satan to be the 'god' of this world during his tenure during he 'age of man', but Satan's days are numbered. He will finally be removed from his rulership and authority and Jesus' rule and lordship will reighn and there will be a new heavens and new earth where in only righteous dwells. What a glorious day is coming. Keep the faith. You will see it in time. God bless. Paul
Posted by Leona Forste on
Thank you Paul Kurts. It has been a pleasure reading these comments and coming to see what little that that has meant so much to bring me to a greater understanding of the scism between a Loving God, and a fire breathing creater I couldn't draw near to.
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