What Others Are Saying About HELL LETTERS

"So what then about the concept of an ever burning, torturing, horrific eternal punishing hell fire for the “lost” or “unsaved”? Can we ask ourselves, ‘Would an all loving God, Who loves unconditionally, relegate most of His own children to such a fate?"—from the Forward to HELL LETTERS.

"Having served in the ministry for over forty years and being an educator for a couple of decades, I have always realized the importance of simplicity in the presentation of material. As individuals we need the truth on subjects to be easily comprehended and especially those things dealing with our spiritual lives. Paul is gifted in getting to the core of subjects and condensing them into short concise statements and information that a person leaves feeling, "I understand that now as never before." How many of us have dealt with the concept of the fear of "HELL"? As a child I was always fearful that God was going to get me if I slipped up and I would be sent to a fiery place of torment if I did wrong. This causes us to take our eyes off of the loving Father God to a God we fear. I feel that Paul's new book, Hell Letters: Exposing The Myth, is a well presented book that to me is a handy reference that condenses and shows a person the truth about "Hell." The way he shares the information exposes the myth, but also gives the reader references to where they can research the subject for themselves. If a person, Christian or otherwise, reads this 'manual' with an open mind and asks God to let them see the truth regarding this very important subject through the eyes of truth they will be blessed with the joy of not having to fear God in the wrong way. The additional letters concerning Trinitarian Theological understanding are outstanding and exciting to read. This new book of Paul's and his excellent book, TRINITARIAN LETTERS: YOUR ADOPTION AND INCLUSION IN THE LIFE OF GOD, present one of the best presentations of who the God of love really is as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I highly recommend these to my congregations and those truly seeking a simple yet factual understanding of Hell and the Trinity. It is with pleasure that I endorse this excellent book."
Frank S. Parsons, AA, BA, MEd. EdS, Senior Pastor New Beginnings Christian Fellowship, Big Sandy, Texas.

"In HELL LETTERS: Exposing The Myth, my friend, Paul Kurts, uses the gifts he has been given in service of the Master to focus on some of the most misunderstood issues within the world of Christendom. I thank him for doing so and if you read his thoughts, I think you will too!"
Greg Albrecht, President, Plain Truth Ministries, Pasadena, California

"Paul Kurts reveals his pastoral heart in laying out a scriptural case for the love, grace and patience of God trumping popular religious concepts of divine wrath, revenge, and eternal punishment. HELL LETTERS: Exposing The Myth is not a theological treatise, but it is a mighty encouraging Bible-based sermon."
Dr. J. Michael Feazell, San Jacinto, California

"Paul Kurts raises important questions in HELL LETTERS: Exposing The Myth that need to be asked, all the while urging us to look to the Gospel of Grace to provide the answers. His pastoral efforts continue to lead people away from legalism."
Dr. Joseph Tkach, Grace Communion International, Glendora, California.

"Many spiritual leaders today fail or fear to speak directly to historical facts concerning the origin of certain traditional teachings of the Christian Church. They fear even opening their eyes and ears in order to examine long held concepts which were designed primarily for the purpose of controling others rather than setting them free to know the ONE, TRUE GOD—FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT! Paul Kurts in this new work, HELL LETTERS: Exposing The Myth, examines the false concept of "HELL and ETERNAL TORMENT or PUNISHMENT" and their pagan origins. In this work he links the pieces of the puzzle together in such a way to illuminate the ONE, TRUE GOD—Who is LOVE, LIFE ETERNAL, and HAPPINESS for all of mankind. Truly freeing."
Dr. Stanley D. Murphy, Ed.D, Argosy University, Nashville, Tennessee

"WARNING: Do NOT read this book if you are in love with your traditional view of 'hell'—it will only infuriate you! My Dad has dedicated much of his life to exposing one of the most destructive and unbiblical teachings in the body of Christ— that God has prepared a place of fiery and eternal torture for those who do not return His love. This teaching has driven more people away from God than perhaps any other in church history. Shame on us! It is high time the church took more seriously God's salvation plan for all humanity than we do our beloved 'hell'. I highly recommend a thoughtful reading of HELL LETTERS: Exposing The Myth as long as you do not mind having your deeply rooted beliefs challenged."
Major Paul David Kurts, USAF, Senior Pastor New Beginnings, Hickory, North Carolina.

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